THE TAX CUT LIES ARE BACCCKKKKK! =============================== OzBama doubled the debt but NOW liberals have the gall to talk about “paying” for tax cuts? Why is the GOP always is expected to change democrat fiscal diapers! The gov-meant is full of unionized waste and fraud but BHO and HRC never addressed it. Reagan got big tax cuts, democrat Speaker Tip O’Neil promised RR a dollar of SPENDING CUTS for each dollar of tax cuts…BUT HE LIED! Tip and his democrat House spent ALL of the almost 100% GAIN in revenue over 8 years AND just kept spending!!! >Later they had the nerve to blame RR for the shortfall!!< This is what liberals do…then their media created the myth RR caused new debt!! Liberal sheep to this day never do their homework so BIG LIES like this live on… Did I mention half of American taxpayers pay ZERO income tax? How is that fair? **Now we have to again hear how (any) GOP tax cuts "must be paid for and favor the rich", the same ole lies by the socialist Party that runs up monster debt to buy votes every time they get a chance** STOP the LIES!

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