THE WORD FOR THE TIMES: ===================== The word is INSANE.. it is insane to be a liberal, it is insane to trash the USA and want us to be more like Cuba, the constant bold lies and smears are insane, record debt and record welfare (under Obama) are insane, believing MMGW is real when the sun is shrinking daily is insane, shouting down speakers is insane, dividing Americans into groups is insane, excusing cult terrorists is insane, demanding more freebies to buy votes is insane, pretending you care after rotting big cities is insane, using insults to avoid debate is insane, the daily angry hate is insane, avoiding FNC because they may ask blunt questions is insane, the demand that illegals get welfare and free healthcare is insane, the constant cowardice of 90% of the GOP is insane and the most insane are the lying/smearing media who think secular socialism is the best path for the USA!!! —— Liberalism is a fantasy-based control freak monster gov-meant high debt toxic system of slow rot inflicted by fools using bold lies, smears, demons, empty promises and constant distractions from reality/policy results…

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