(I just posted this as a comment on an awful article about “why Bush was so awful”)
What a kneepad article!
Year 5 of the OzBama recession, plain data for all to see and the vile pawn media are stuck in 2008?
Oh, that was when the REAL jobless rate was 4.7%, gas was $1.84, and we had 20 million less welfare parasites, half the debt and no 3 trillion dollar socialized medicine mess….for starters? (Now I fondly remember)

How do these non-thinking worm writers sleep at night?
(keep in mind the socialist party took the House in 2007 and started the wild ride over the cliff)

Its 2014, wake up…
stop the fantasy-based (hence deception-based) love affair with naturally toxic monster gov-meant socialism…which has created misery worldwide…

Stop the bold lies, stop the smears, stop the demons to blame!! JUST STOP IT!

We are not all 9 year olds like the democrat voters they bus to the polls or promise others’ money for their vote.

This is a sick sick writer.

Tens of millions are NOT fooled by your baloney…
we live in the real world.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That naturally toxic socialist utopia is a fantasy-based concept
    (therefore deception-based)
    so the false promises/lies/smears eventually are realized..
    its year 5 for God’s sake…
    where is the utopia after 17 trillion of debt?

    There u go…that is why the bold lies/smears/demons are intensifying in 2014.


    Electing arrogant apostles of toxic socialism means for every step forward the toxic socialist approach pushes a nation backward…as socialistic policies increase yearly and “win” thru force……the economy loses. This has happened all over the globe so why are many voters, a few democrats and even the sheep of socialism shocked after 5 years? I ask why?

    Monster gov-meant sucking up trillions. Gas, food and services up 2x, more people in poverty, lower wages/salaries, fewer jobs for college grads, rising college costs, 16+ million more on Food Stamps, 4x as many on Disability checks, 35% on full welfare for years on end, real jobless/inflation greater than under democrat Carter maliase, 17 trillion of debt, printing 85 billion of funny money monthly and every economic outlook predicting recession sliding into depression…

    yet every day the arrogant apostles of toxic socialism and their blind hacks just keep boldly lying, smearing, demonizing and making fantasy promises.

    Writing or posting foolishness to try to explain 5 years of this natural rot is an insult to intelligence (or maybe just the same ole denial of reality by media or web trolls when the democrats get power). Ask those that fled Fidel how socialism is done. There are no exceptions.



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