HITLER…the more you know the

Watching “ADOLF HITLER” on TV today…
I have read “Rise and Fall” plus much much more on WW2 and the Nazis…

Some actual testimony about Hitler’s life is very interesting (and new even to me)…
>>> Despite adjoining bedrooms, the maids found zero evidence of sexual activity in the beds of Adolf or Eva…>>> Hitler was known “never to look at women” and some comments made about a certain “soldier boyfriend of Hitler’s wrestling around at night with him” under blankets.

BTW, many many lies in Mein Kampf about his personal life according to the elderly knowing of him and serious researchers…Hitler was no more than a bum for some early years after his Mother died…Hitler simply made up many things so they sounded like he wanted them to sound.
He was the only survivor in WW1 group he was with…sort of a miracle and also survived a severe gas attack.

Hitler realized jew-bashing was popular while in the military and started making speeches and was talented as a speaker…Hitler’s biggest asset outside of being a convincing liar who made up his past (and much else on the fly).

Now, of course, there are ways of completely sealing a political person’s past from American voters so he need not lie…IF the dominant media desires…history can be creepy.
You have that queasy feeling now, don’t you?


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