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WASHINGTON — A military advisory commission is recommending that the Pentagon do away with a policy that bans women from serving in combat units, breathing new life into a long-simmering debate.
Though thousands of women have been involved in the fights in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have done so while serving in combat support roles — as medics, logistics officers and so on — because defense policy prohibits women from being assigned to any unit smaller than a brigade whose primary mission is direct combat on the ground. On Friday, a special panel was meeting to polish the final draft of a report that recommends the policy be eliminated “to create a level playing field for all qualified service members.”
If it were approved by the Defense Department, it would be yet another sizeable social change in a force that in the last year has seen policy changes to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly for the first time in the military and to allow Navy women to serve on submarines for the first time.
The newest move is being recommended by the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, established by Congress two years ago, and expected to send its report to Congress and President Barack Obama in the spring. The Army is doing its own internal study of the question as well. ***
The unhappy angry insatiable liberal democrat (aka secular socialist) marches on with the incredibly dumb idea that our American military can be improved by allowing women in combat (lol).
Have libs never seen the actual WW2 film clips?
Some actual Viet war film clips?
The current physical fitness standard differences in our branches of the service?
The natural male tendency to protect the (much physically inferior) female?

Can some democrat simply list the exact way or two the American combat forces will be MORE EFFECTIVE by having much shorter soldiers with half the strength and 10x the hormonal issues? Did I mention combat may last more than a couple hours or days? Did I mention the enemy can do less than just kill captured soldiers? Did I mention being wounded and left to die because the “she soldier” lacks the strength to pull you to a safer area? Guess not.

List them, we are all waiting for some REASON to replace the OzLand emotional appeals that liberals use to sell their silly baloney. Want a video of combat training with padded poles or whatever…male versus female (IF they exist)?
Would that give you a real combat effectiveness clue?

Liberals prove time after time they must be the dumbest humans God ever made.

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  1. from a bro:

    These are all PC counter-stereotypes that we are supposed to believe.

    Women have never beaten men in any ultra-marathon competitive running event, despite these claims. The ONLY such challenge is long-distance swimming where the women having twice as much fat aids buoyancy & acts as fuel.

    As far as driving, where are the women in Formula One & NASCAR? There are almost NONE. Danica Patrick can’t win jack so far.
    Will Michelle Wie ever win a golf tourney?
    Dieters? The man in The Biggest Loser (from the little I see) always loses more faster. It’s the testosterone.

    Pain? Do I have to hear about natural childbirth again. How about the pain when your foot gets blown off by an en emy mine? And, oh yea, your female “soldier” is too weak to carry you to medical treatment, so you die.

    Or the firefighters pseudo-tests. Somehow the feminists will have us think that it’s comparable to have the women drag the overcome smoke victim down the stairs by this feet (concussion, any one?), because they can’t do the fireman’s carry.

    The military had a chin-up tests where them man had to do maybe 40 pull-ups or so to max.
    The women has to hang from the bar without falling off for a minute. Comparable?

    A man has twice the lower body strength & thrice the upper body strength of a woman.
    Granted society has minimized this usefulness, but if/when you need it, there is no substitute.

    Sometimes I wonder if we had a matriarchal society if we would still be cave persons huddled outside the bear’s cave waiting for it to leave because the women can’t confront & kill it.
    Seems like we did better when men went in, at great danger to themselves, & killed the bear so his family had a warm winter refuge.


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